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Cisco SDET Interview questions | set-1

I was recently interviewed for SDET position in Cisco. I am sharing my experience of Cisco SDET Interview questions.

There were 2 rounds of interviews.

1st Round:

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects.
  2. Program to remove the duplicate elements of a list.
  3. Program to reverse a string.
  4. Program to find if a string is palindrome or not.
  5. use regex expression to match ip address
  6. Program to find the factorial by using recursion
  7. Traceroute logic

2nd Round:

  1. BGP–> states, path attributes, IBGP EBGP and RR.
  2. OSPF–> DR / BDR, ISA types, states, messages, same router id.
  3. BFD why is it req, modes.
  4. What is difference between multilayer switch and normal l2 switch.
  5. Can we connect 1000 routers in same OSPF area (not recommended max is 40).
  6. Can we connect different capacity platform in same area of OSPF.
  7. If I connect 265 routers back to back and all configs are correct then also ping is not reachable to end node.
  8. ICMP reply with Destination not reachable and time out what is difference.

This interview experience is contributed by Akhilesh Kumar Gupta. If you like techieindoor and would like to contribute, you can mail an article to [email protected] . You can also check articles appearing on the main page and help others.

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