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Dish Network(Sling) Interview Go questions | set-1

This is the first set of Dish Network(Sling) interview Go questions for senior Go lang developer.

It was a zoom call. Interview questions are given below:

  1. Tell me about your self
  2. Write a program to producer and consumer in go.
  3. How to implement workers and task in go. Create 3 workers which will execute one task ?
  4. Write a go program to check whether integer number is palindrome or not.
  5. Why do we use micro-service architecture instead of monolithic ?
  6. What tool do you use to test REST API ?
  7. What is BGP protocol in networking ?
  8. What is header in PUT method of REST API ?
  9. Why do we use docker ?
  10. How docker works at kernel level ?
  11. How to use function in channel like : ch := make(chan function_name, 0). Can we do that ?

To learn more about interview experience:

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