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Ericsson SDET Interview questions | set-1

I was recently interviewed for SDET position in Ericsson. I am sharing my experience of Ericsson SDET Interview questions.

There were 4 rounds of interviews.

1st Round:

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects.
  2. Program to implement Fibonacci series with recursion.
  3. Python program to combine two dictionaries and if the key is similar add the value.
  4. Regular expression to match ip-address and mac-address.
  5. From a given output, create a list containing all BGP and OSPF routes with help of reg-exp.
  6. From a given string print all the frequency of each word.
  7. Basic IP and MPLS forwarding.

2nd Round:

  1. Overview of SD-WAN and AAR with packet forwarding.
  2. How segment routing works?
  3. How through segment routing we achieve LDP and RSVP-TE?
  4. What is segment list and different type of segment list? Given a topology and asked the elements of segment-list.
  5. BGP-LS overview, use-case for that?
  6. BGP: states, packets, path attributes, ibgp, ebgp, loop prevention and RR.
  7. OSPF all types of LSAs in detail. Generator and scope of each LSA.
  8. Different types of ISIS PDUs.

3rd Round:

  1. How day to day work you are doing?
  2. different type of testing which you have done.
  3. how test plan preparation is happening?
  4. current testing framework.

4th Round:

  1. Testing achievement.
  2. What are the self improvements, any interesting defect.
  3. What’s the motivation behind networking?
  4. What testing have you performed as part of L2, L3, MPLS, Segment-Routing?

This interview experience is contributed by Akhilesh Kumar Gupta. If you like techieindoor and would like to contribute, you can mail an article to [email protected] . You can also check articles appearing on the main page and help others.

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