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jiffy Golang Interview questions | set-1

I was recently interviewed for senior Golang developer position in jiffy Bangalore. I am sharing my experience of jiffy golang Interview questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects.
  2. How to declare 10 int array elements in Go ?
  3. What is dependency injection ?
  4. Write a program where Input array has RED and BLUE balls. You have to arrange such that RED ball come first and Blue ball next.
    1. Input: [R, B, R, R, R, B, B, R]
    2. Output: [R, R, R, R, B, B, B]

High level design question in jiffy golang Interview questions:

  • Provide encoding service – base64 encoding, base32, (you have to write an encoding service which will take a plain data as input and call third part library / API to encode the data. Encoding can be base64 encoding, base32, base16).
  • Provide decoding service – base64 decoding, base32, (you have to write a decoding service which will take an encrypted data as input and call third part library / API to decode the data. Decoding can be base64 encoding, base32, base16).
  • Extensibility (Services should be written such a way that It can support given below things in future:
    • support new encoding/decoding formats in future
    • We can support any 3rd party API for encoding / decoding
  • You have to implements this in 3 layers:
    • web layer: It will be responsible to open connection for the APIs.
    • Service layer:
      • encoding_routine –>> encoding_routine_1
      • Decoding_routine –>> Decoding_routine_1

To learn more about interview questions, Pls click on below link

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