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Alivecor Interview Go questions | set-1

This is the first set of Alivecor interview Go questions for senior Go lang developer.

Date of Interviews: 27 / 09/ 2022

No of Rounds: 1 (zoom)

Given below Alivecor Interview questions for senior Go lang developer:

Round 1:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Multiple questions regarding projects
  • Find longest prefix in given array of strings in Go lang ?
    • str := []string{“flower”, “flat”, “flop”, “abcd”}
    • Ans: “flower” has longest string with “fl” prefix.
  • How mutex works in Go ?
  • What is difference between Go routine and Pthread in C ?
  • What is disadvantage of slice in Go ?
  • What is Map in go ?
  • How did you implemented REST API in Go which are exposed to Customers ?
  • How will you implement set in Go ?
  • How to check docker image content with / without starting container ?
  • How to check what content updated / released on each layer of docker image ?

Round 2:

  • Tell about yourself and project
  • what are types of design patterns ? which one did you choose for your project and why ?
  • Why did you choose Go over other programming language ?
  • Why people choose interpreted language like python over compiled language like Go, C ?
  • If Go is easy, provides best concurrency and have rich library as well then why people choose python as well ?
  • What of kind of components you have worked in either AWS or Azure ?
  • On what basis, you choose components of AWS and Azure for your Application ?
  • How Go panic works ? Where can Go panic occurs ? How do you handle Go panic ?
  • Deadlock can happens on what kind of channels (buffered or unbuffered) ?
  • What will happen if redis database exceeds memory ?

To learn more about interview experience:

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