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Nagravision Interview questions | set-1

This is first set of Nagravision interview questions . These given below Nagravision Interview questions were asked candidate who was having 5 years of experience in networking domain.

Date of Interviews: 02 / 02/ 2020

Face to face: 2 rounds

1: Tell me about yourself and projects.

2: What is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). About DHCP packet.

3: What is DORA process in DHCP. DORA stands for: Discover, Offer, Request, Accept.

4: What are TCP and UDP protocols. Describe about TCP / UDP packets.

5: How sequence number works in tcp connections.

6: What is SYN or ACK in TCP and how it is stored in packet.

7: Program to print natural numbers using two go routines in go.

8: Explain OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model.

9: Explain process and threads in Operating system in very depths.

10: extern and static variable in C language.

11: What is protobuff. Write one simple proto file of student info.

12: What is IPsec protocol. In IPSec protocol, explain about AH(authentication header), ESP (Encapsulation security packet) and how it works.

13: How NATing works in networking.

14: Explain types of IP class (Class A ip, Class B ip, Class C ip, Class D ip and Class E ip)

15: Difference between mutex and semaphore. When to use mutex and when to use semaphore.

16: Write a program to reverse linked list.

17: Write a program to reverse an integer.

18: Write a program to insert a node at any position in linked list. Take care all the corner cases.

19: Write a program to delete a node at any position in linked list. Take care all the corner cases.

20: What is Race condition in OS.

21: Scope and life cycle of static and extern variable.

22: Memory layout of C program.

23: How to define MACRO like C in go lang.

24: How to use IF ELSE macro in Go lang.

25: What is little and big endian.

To learn more about technical stuff, Please refer given below link.


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