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Infosys Interview questions | set-1

This is first set of Infosys interview questions . These given below Infosys Interview questions were asked candidate who was having 5 years of experience in networking domain.

Date of Interviews: 04 / 02/ 2020

1: Tell me about yourself and bit about the projects.

2: Write a program to reverse a linked list.

3: Write a program to remove duplicate characters from string in-place.


x = "Hello Hi"

o/p: x = "Helo i"

5: Write a program to print shortest path between two nodes.

Hint: To find least common ancestor in BST

6: Write sql query to update particular name in a table .


update table_name

set name = "Rahul"

where name = "Shyama"

7: Write a query to count given names in a table.


select count(*) from table_name

where name = "Rahul"

8: System design question to develop citi bank App (mainly focused on Back end architecture).

To learn more about technical stuff, Please refer given below link.


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