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Go – How to compare two strings without case sensitive in go golang ?

Here, We are going to learn about comparing two strings without case sensitive in go golang. We can do that by using EqualFold() function of strings package in go golang.

Function prototype:

func EqualFold(str_1 string, str_2 string) bool

Return value:

if both the strings are equal then It returns ‘true’ else ‘false’.

EqualFold() function returns whether str_1 and str_2, interpreted as UTF-8 strings, are equal under Unicode case-folding, which is a more general form of case-insensitivity.


package main

import (

func main() {

	fmt.Println(strings.EqualFold("Go", "go"))

	fmt.Println(strings.EqualFold("Go", "lang"))




To learn more about golang, Please refer given below link.

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