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WidasConcepts Interview questions | set-1

WidasConcepts Interview questions for Go developers are given below. These questions are for senior go developers in WidasConcepts company.

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects that you have done.
  2. What is the difference between array and slice ?
  3. How to pass variable to function by value and by reference ?
  4. Can we do arithmetic operation on pointer in C and how It works ?
  5. Can we also do arithmetic operation on pointers in Go ?
  6. High level design questions on online quiz. How will you manage database and relationship among tables. All the HTTP methods (POST / GET / PUT/ PATH) to be used in online quiz. There will also be leader board which will show users history like how many quizes he has done and scores. Add filter as well.
  7. Describe about HTTP methods (POST / GET / PUT/ PATCH) with example.
  8. What is the use of indexing in database ?
  9. What is defer statement in Go. How is it work and where do we use it with example ?
  10. What is the interface in Go and how it works. How can you get all the values from interface ?
  11. How do go routine functions return the value ?
  12. How to use pointer to pointer in Go ?
  13. What is micro-service architecture ? What is the use of it ?
  14. What is panic, defer and recover in go ?
  15. What is REST API ?

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