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technoidentity Interview questions | set-1

technoidentity Interview questions for Go developers are given below. These questions are for senior go developers in technoidentity company.

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects that you have done.
  2. What is the slice in go ?
  3. What all the HTTP methods (POST / GET / PUT/ PATCH).
  4. What all database do you know ? SQL & NO-SQL.
  5. Why do we use micro-service architecture ?
  6. What is defer statement in Go. How is it work and where do we use it with example ?
  7. What is the interface in Go and how it works. How can you get all the values from interface ?
  8. How do you handle panic in go routine ?
  9. What is micro-service architecture ? What is the use of it ?
  10. What is panic, defer and recover in go ?
  11. What is REST API ?
  12. What is reflection in Go ?
  13. How to get type of data in interface ?
  14. How to get value of data in interface ?
  15. Have you used reflect package ?
  16. how to achieve polymorphism in go ?
  17. High level design question:
    1. By POST method , you have to create one chess board.
    2. You have to update cells of chess board with given value.
      1. Value will be: row, column, and element name like camel, elephant, soldiers , king , queen etc on each request.
    3. On move API call, You are given element name like camel, elephant etc and destination row and column.
      1. You have to reach destination with minimum number of moves.
      2. Hint, In move function, You can use iterative deepening search algorithm to reach destination with minimum steps.

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