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Happiest Mind SDET Interview questions | set-1

I was recently interviewed for SDET position in Happiest Mind. I am sharing my experience of Happiest Mind SDET Interview questions.

There were 2 rounds of interviews.

1st Round:

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects.
  2. Given a topology and asked how STP works and status of each port of each device.
  3. R1—–R2—-R3, in this toplogy which router contains which LSAs.
  4. DR-BDR selection process and significance of that?
  5. Why Area-0 and how it’s prevents the loops.?
  6. what is LS-AGE and what is max-ls-age?
  7. How new network information will be flooded in OSPF network? which LSAs will be generated?
  8. Questions related to BGP-LS, how new NLRIs will be encoded and de-coded in bgp-peer?

2nd Round:

  1. Ping scenario:
    1. same network
    2. different network
  2. Trace-route logic and use of this.
  3. Basic arp resolution and packet from one network to another network.
  4. What is difference between native VLAN and default VLAN.
  5. What is difference between STP and RSTP, why convergence difference is there.
  6. RIB and FIB difference?
  7. BGP state machine with all possible error codes. What and all parameter will be checked in open message?
  8. SD-WAN and AAR related questions.
  9. How level-1 router communicates with level-2 router in ISIS?
  10. Overload and attached bit of ISIS LSP.

This interview experience is contributed by Akhilesh Kumar Gupta. If you like techieindoor and would like to contribute, you can mail an article to [email protected] . You can also check articles appearing on the main page and help others.

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