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Go – net package in go golang

Here, we will dive into deep learning net package of go golang. net package in go provides a domain name resolution, portable interface for network I/O, including TCP/IP, UDP and Unix domain sockets.

It provides access to low-level networking primitives.

How to import net package in go golang:

import "net"

List of functions and types of net package are given below:


  • type IP
  • type Buffers
  • type DNSConfigError
  • type Flags
  • type IPConn
  • type Interface
  • type Listener
  • type OpError
  • type Resolver
  • type TCPConn
  • type UDPConn
  • type UnixListener
  • type Addr
  • type Conn
  • type DNSError
  • type HardwareAddr
  • type IPMask
  • type InvalidAddrError
  • type MX
  • type PacketConn
  • type SRV
  • type TCPListener
  • type UnixAddr
  • type UnknownNetworkError
  • type AddrError
  • type Dialer
  • type Error
  • type IPAddr
  • type IPNet
  • type ListenConfig
  • type NS
  • type ParseError
  • type TCPAddr
  • type UDPAddr
  • type UnixConn

To learn more about golang, Please refer given below link.


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