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Cloudgenix Interview questions | set-1

This is first set of Cloudgenix interview questions . These given below questions were asked candidate who was having 5 years of experience in networking domain.

They were mainly focusing on projects . Questions were asked in projects given below:

  • What did you do into projects ?
  • What was your role ?
  • What kind of challenges did you face ?
  • What kind of testing did you do after implementing features into product ?
  • How did you do code reviews ?
  • How did you follow agile process during product development ?
  • Basic product architecture and insight that.
  • And many more questions ….

Date of Interviews: 10 / 02/ 2020

No of Rounds: 6 face to face and 2 telephonic

1: Tell me about yourself and projects.

2: Write a program to reverse a string

3: Write a program to delete a node in single linked list. You are only given a pointer to be deleted node.

4: What is the size of structure .

struct sample {
       Int x;
       char ch;
       Int y;

Ans: sizeof(sample) = 12 bytes

4 for int x, 1 for char ch (3 for padding ), 4 for int y

5: Write a program to merge two sorted array. Mainly looking for time complexity.

6: Write a program to merge K sorted array. Mainly looking for time complexity.

7: How two processes in operating system communicate to each others.

8: Suppose two processes have 2-2 threads each, Eg. process p1 has t1 and t2 threads, and process p2 has t3 and t4 threads . Will t1 talk to t3 ? If yes, then how, If no, then why ??

9: What is output of the given below program ?

int * func() {
  int x = 20;

  return &x;

int main() {
  int *p = func()

  printf(“%d ”, *p); 

Ans: Output will be unpredictable, as x 
    is a local variable in function func()

10: Memory layout of C program

11: What is core dump file ? How will you debug core dump file under linux environment ?

12: Basics about valgrind tool. How to use ? what is it ?

13: What is buffered and unbuffered channel in golang ?

14: What is strongswan and what is IPSec protocols ?

15: What is redis and sqlite3 database ?

To learn more about technical stuff, Please refer given below link.

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