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Capgemini SDET Interview questions | set-1

I was recently interviewed for SDET position in Capgemini Bangalore. I am sharing my experience of Capgemini SDET Interview questions.

There were 2 rounds of interviews.

1st Round:

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects.
  2. Python code to generate prime numbers.
  3. Python code to find out occurrence of each character in a string.
  4. Program to swap two numbers by using 3rd variable.
  5. Program to swap two numbers without using 3rd variable.

2nd Round:

  1. Normal introduction.
  2. architectural overview of VNS.
  3. questions related to AAR (application aware routing), basically path selection mechanism.
  4. OSPF all states with packet information.
  5. BGP’s Mandatory path attributes.

This interview experience is contributed by Akhilesh Kumar Gupta. If you like techieindoor and would like to contribute, you can mail an article to [email protected] . You can also check articles appearing on the main page and help others.

To learn more about interview questions, Pls click on below link

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