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Aruba Interview questions | set-1

This is first set of Aruba interview questions . These given below questions were asked candidate who was having 5 years of experience in networking domain.

They were mainly focusing on projects . Questions were asked in projects given below:

  • What did you do into projects ?
  • What was your role ?
  • What kind of challenges did you face ?
  • What kind of testing did you do after implementing features into product ?
  • How did you do code reviews ?
  • How did you follow agile process during product development ?
  • Basic product architecture and insight that.
  • And many more questions ….

Date of Interviews: 08 / 02/ 2020

No of Rounds: 5 face to face

1: Tell me about yourself and projects.

2: What is protocol buffers. Define one proto buff. What is the use of protocol buff. Why is it used ?

3: What is size of integer pointer variable in 64-bit architecture in C ?

Eg : 
int *p ; 

Output: 8 bytes

4: What is the size of integer variable in 64-bit machine in C ?


int p; 

Output: 4 bytes

5: What is the size of char variable in 64-bit machine in C ?


char ch; 

Output:  1 byte

6: What is the memory layout of C program ?

7: If you are designing your network , When will you use OSPF and when will you use BGP ?

8: How BGP works ?

9: what is double linked list? Write a program to delete a node in doubly linked list.

10: Write a program to find a loop in linked list.

11: How ARP protocol works ? How does it resolve MAC address ?

12: How routing works in networking ?

13: What is IP header, explain with all the fields ?

14: What is the difference between process and threads in operating system ?

15: What kind of memory shared by threads in process operating system ?

16: Write a program to find all the words starting with given characters.

Hint: Use trie data structures


str = [“ABCD”, “ABDE” , “ABER” , “AWER” , “AERR”]

Chars *searchStr = “AB*” 

Output: “ABCD”, “ABDE”, “ABER”

17: What is NATing and how it works in networking ?

18: What is VPN and why is it used in networking ?

19: What is the IPSec protocols and use of it ?

20: What is RIB (Routing information protocols) and use of it ??

21: Explain Life cycle of process in operating system.

22: What is code optimization in compiler ? What does it actually do ?

23: What is volatile keyword and what is it used for in C ??

24: How memory works with volatile variables in C ?

25: What is fork() and why is it used ?

26: What is hashing in C ?

27: What is MTU (Maximum transmission unit) in networking ?

To learn more about technical stuff, Please refer given below link.

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